Do Board of Education Members Get Paid?

The quick answer is that it depends on the school district. Some school districts do pay their board members, while others do not.

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The members of a Board of Education usually do not get paid for their service. Some school districts do have stipends or salary schedules for Board members, but these are relatively rare. Most Boards are volunteer organizations, and the members serve out of a sense of duty to their community.

What is a Board of Education?

A board of education, school committee or school board, is the governing body of a school, local school district, or higher administrative level.

What are the responsibilities of a Board of Education?

A board of education, often called a school board, is a governing body that typically oversees the public schools in a given town, district, or county. Members of a board of education are usually elected by the community and serve staggered terms of office. Some boards are appointed by the mayor or other local officials.

The responsibilities of school boards vary from state to state, but they generally include setting educational policy, adopting budgets, hiring and evaluating the superintendent, and approving curriculum and textbooks.

What is the composition of a Board of Education?

A board of education, also called a school board, is a group of people elected by the voters in a school district to represent them and act on their behalf on educational issues in the district. The board sets educational policy for the district, hires and evaluates the superintendent, approves the budget, and oversees the operation of the district.

In most states, members of a board of education are not paid. They serve because they want to make a contribution to their community and its children. In some districts, however, board members are paid a small stipend or per diem to offset their expenses.

Do Board of Education Members Get Paid?

Board of education members are responsible for helping to shape the education policy for a school district. In most cases, board members are unpaid volunteers. However, there are some instances in which board members may receive a stipend or other type of compensation. Let’s take a closer look.

How much do Board of Education members get paid?

Most school board members are unpaid volunteers, but there are some districts that do pay their board members. The amount of money that board members receive varies depending on the district and the state, but it is typically a small stipend that is given to cover expenses such as travel and child care. Some school districts also offer health insurance and other benefits to their board members.

What are the benefits of being a Board of Education member?

Aside from the feeling of giving back to the community, there are a few benefits that come with being a Board of Education member. These benefits can include:

-A small stipend for attending Board of Education meetings. This stipend is usually around $50 per meeting.
-Reimbursement for any expenses related to Board of Education activities, such as travel expenses for attending conferences.
-Health insurance and/or other benefits, if the Board of Education members are also employees of the school district.


In conclusion, board of education members do not get paid. While they may receive a small stipend to cover expenses, they are not paid a salary. This is because board of education members are typically volunteers who are passionate about education and want to give back to their community.

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