Our Partners

Charitable Innovations

CICharitable Innovations (CI) builds a reliable network between fundraisers and micro-credit loaners, but maintains the fundraisers' aims at the same time. After a fundraiser is held for a charity, CI invests the capital into short-term micro-credit loans instead of transferring proceeds raised directly to the charity. These small loans are made through Kiva, a non-profit organization.

Charity Crew

CICharity Crew is a student run organization based at the Magen David Yeshivah private school. Jack Franco, Stephanie Franco, and David Hedaya created the Charity Crew in order to raise money for non-profits, including The World Youth Initiative. The Charity Crew runs a wide variety of meaningful projects, including scavenger hunts, bake sales, and entertainment days for youth, as well as school-wide "2-Dollar" and "A Dime a Day" programs.

Operation Fly

FLYOperation Fly Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves disadvantaged inner-city populations across the United States by coordinating a myriad of events for the homeless, and providing programs for underprivileged students and their schools.

SOS: Thailand

SOSSOS is a fundraising establishment set up in 2008 by five students in Bangkok wishing to continue the work of Princess Galyana Vadhana of Thailand after her unfortunate passing. SOS has raised over 400,000 Thai Baht, (around 13,000 USD), and has supported various organizations, including the Cardiac Association of Thailand, The Foundation for Slum Child Care, the Concordia Day Care Centre, Charity: Water, and the Wildlife Friends Association Thailand.

Supplies for Success

SFSSupplied for Success Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization that works to provide materials to students in impoverished, underfunded schools in order to improve the quality of their education. Recognizing the inadequacies in the quality of schools, we work by fundraising, collecting, and distributing supplies to underprivileged schools in America and beyond. We believe every child has the right to enjoy an equal opportunity at success, and will continue to equip students with high-quality supplies to ensure a better future for them.