International Regional Branch Managers

The International Regional Branch Managers do not raise funds, but rather implement charitable projects to empower the youth of their area. These projects may target a vast array of issues, as long as youth empowerment is the central goal.


Mohammad Ahmad: Pakistan

Mohammad Ahmad is a volunteer and expansion designer for Dhaba, a small non-profit desi restaurant that provides a meal for less than 50 cents. Mohammad is working with the South City Hospital to expand Dhaba across the city.

Daniel Ashley: Singapore

Dana Ashley began Kites for Care, a student run school program where its members create kites that depict the poverty & hardship prevalent in Singapore. After all the kites are made, the students organize and celebrate "A Day of Flight" in the school Botanical Gardens as a form of awareness.

Michael Chin: Taiwan

Michael Chin hosts non-profit concerts and recitals for those less fortunate. He has raised over $60,000 for charity through these public performances.

Ally Jiang: People's Republic of China

Ally Jiang is involved in assisting migrant students succeed through the Chinese Education system by the means of connecting them with teachers and other benefactors to ease the emersion process. This program provides academic help, free supplies, and introductions to the members of the community.

Sinan Koc: Turkey

Sinan Koc does local charity work within his community. He is currently involved with the “Paint The Town” project, where local students travel through communities in Turkey to repaint damaged properties.

Raymond King: Thailand

Raymond King's expertise includes the organization of several large scale charitable events yearly, in addition to his commitments to his school's MUN charter. He brings his experience participating in charitable ventures throughout middle and high school to the WYI Leadership Team as his role as Chief Advisor. Founding his own charity, SOS, he has taken part and collaborated with several charities under Thailand's Royal Family patronage, engaging in a plethora of causes ranging from slum child care to children with cardiac issues and most recently, Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

Anders Segerberg: Sweden

Born and raised in the USA to a Swedish father and Italian-American mother, Anders Segerberg sought to utilize his Swedish citizenship and enrich his cultural identity by transferring to boarding school in Sweden during his junior year. At school Anders is the president and founder of a flourishing investment club, founder and editor of the school newspaper, and on the committee of the debate team. He is currently working on several community outreach programs with local and national organizations. In his spare time, Anders gives free percussion lessons to his peers, reads avidly, and works on his badminton game.