Why Donate?

"The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation." -Miriam Beard

There are a multitude of conspicuous benefits for donating, such as engaging in corporate social responsibility, a positive public image, personal satisfaction, and a tax-deductable contribution. In addition to these, The World Youth Initiative has many unique benefits for its donors.

More than the Causes

Your money benefits more than just the cause. Each and every project organized by The World Youth Initiative is headed by student leaders from ages 12-18. Thus, all donations not only help to build a school in Bangladesh or a viable hydroponics systems in communities in the United Arab Emirates, but they also give our aspiring leaders the experience they need to learn the ropes of philanthropy. Those young members of society that deeply desire to strengthen their community now have a facet that will support their dream charity projects. Your donation means more than just its nominal amount, as it brings with it an opportunity to lead.

True Altruism

Many charities hide under the guise of social practice to reap high and unnecessary payments to the administrators and employees. At the World Youth Initiative, 90% of all donations will go directly to our sponsored charity programs, while 10% will go to fundraising projects to bring in more donations. No one working for the World Youth Initiative will receive any form of personal financial compensation. Everyone who is employed by the World Youth Initiative dedicates their time for the experience of philanthropy: not a paycheck.

All of the Above Approach

Many individuals and businesses cannot decide on a particular charity to donate to, whether it's environmental protection, education, poverty, or any prevalent issue in the 21st century. Luckily, The World Youth Initiative follows an all-of-the-above approach, where Regional Branch Managers choose any project dear to their hearts with the sole exception that it empowers youth. Thus, The World Youth Initiative sponsors projects including, but not limited to school-building, go-green initiatives, improvements in health and education, cultural enrichment through the arts, anti-depression campaigns, and housing in developing countries. The projects themselves do not define the World Youth Initiative, but rather the youth empowerment that each one brings to the community. This approach allows donors to benefit a multitude of projects that target a vast array of issues.

Specific Donations

Many individuals and businesses have decided on a particular charity they would like to donate to. Thus, The World Youth Initiative allows targeted project donations, where donors can request to have 60% of their contribution go to one of our specific causes.

Special Groups

  • Businesses or individuals that donate over $5,000 will receive an invitation to The World Youth Initiative Platinum Fellowship. Benefits of this prestigious group include a substantial amount of advertising space in our official brochure and website, an honorary Plaque of Commendation, and a personalized letter from each member of the Leadership Team.

  • Businesses or individuals that donate over $1000 will receive an invitation to The World Youth Initiative Benefactor Fellowship, a distinguished network for all those that exemplify community altruism. Members of this group will receive a minimum of one advertisement on The World Youth Initiative's official brochure and website, as well as a signed certificate of recognition.