Domestic Regional Branch Managers

The Regional Branch Managers are the heart and soul of the World Youth Initiative. Many of these dedicated young students organize and implement projects to raise funds for the World Youth Initiative and its beneficiaries. Other students provide free services in their region that would otherwise be unattainable by the target population. Many of these Regional Branch Managers run their own non-profit organizations, which only strengthens the World Youth Initiative network. These managers are strongly encouraged to work with other managers to cut costs and effectively utilize each others' vast array of experiences.

Michael Barton: Ohio

Michael Barton runs Charitable Innovations, which invests the capital of charitable fundraising events into short-term micro-credit loans instead of transferring proceeds raised directly to the charity. The loans go out to impoverished entrepreneurs or groups of entrepreneurs around the world who are trying to start ventures to lift their families or villages out of poverty.

William Legate: Georgia

William Legate is an App developer, and is planning on creating a whole line of apps designated simply to raise money for charity.

Ryan Lieberman: Texas

Ryan Lieberman runs non-profit Camp S.P.A.R.K, a unique camp run by kids for kids, found in Dallas, Texas for underprivileged Mexican children. The camp provides kids between the ages of five and thirteen a great experience at the beginning of the summer, where they learn how to be competitive, while at the same time being great sports; as well as the rewards that come with making healthy, positive, responsible choices.

James Liu: Maryland

James Liu runs Operation Fly, an organization that serves disadvantaged inner-city populations across the United States by coordinating a myriad of events for the homeless, and providing programs for underprivileged students and their schools.

Daniel Mizrahi: New York

Daniel Mizrahi is a musician that plays a large variety of instruments. He produces musical records and beats, those of which he sells to other artists or uses for his own music. Daniel donates the proceeds from his shows, records, and musical lessons to charitable causes in his local community, to those less fortunate. To further his musical contributions to his community, he donates much of his time to giving free music lessons to children.

Avinash Saraf: New Jersey

Avinash Saraf runs Supplied for Success Inc., a Non-Profit Organization that works to help students in impoverished schools and improve the quality of their education. Recognizing the inconsistencies in school funding, they work by fundraising, collecting, and distributing new or almost new supplies to underprivileged schools in America and beyond.

Kevin Shone: California

Kevin is a leader and app developer for the American Cancer Society Youth Club, and the Future Business Leaders of America Club. As Vice President for a nonprofit Chinese instrumental group that performs at charity events, he raises money for impoverished children with heart disease in China and developing nations. They perform for Senior Centers monthly.

Matthew Zhao: United States

Matt is a musician that plays a large variety of instruments, and uses those skills to give music lessons for free to kids in his community. By hosting recitals and concerts with his friends, Matt raises funds for charities around the country, including The Pincintu multi-cultural chorus. In the past, Matt has donated funds to UNICEF.