About Us 

What We Do

The World Youth Initiative is a response to today's problems, by tomorrow's leaders. As a student-based fund, the World Youth Initiative empowers diverse youth from across the world by encouraging tomorrow's movers and shakers to undertake projects that target prevalent issues in their regions. Through these projects, young leaders gain crucial skills in leadership, communication, and management, while subsequently contributing to the global community. The projects range a variety of causes, including microfinance, sustainable housing, and environmental conservation, among others. All fundraising is managed and implemented domestically, while the international team focuses solely on community service projects.

A Network of Artists

WYI is an umbrella, a web of friendships and connections made by philanthropists, businessmen, colleagues, venture capitalists, scientists, non-profits, social entrepreneurs, organizations and other interested practitioners. Philanthropy, both in our minds and in our hearts, resides as more than just a vocation. It is a passion, and a work of art, that is unique in that it influences the lives of both the artist and the painting; the philanthropist and the beneficiary.