• Our Mission

    The World Youth Initiative is a student-based organization that encourages young motivated leaders all over the world to carry out service and fundraising projects geared towards manifesting a brighter tomorrow.

    Our projects target a variety of issues from urban poverty to lack of proper housing. The projects themselves are not just the core of the World Youth Initiative, but also the youth empowerment that each project brings.

  • Our Partners

    Our current beneficiaries include Orphans International Worldwide, GUA Africa, Ecolo de la Redemption, Con Fullam Art, Gyanjyoty Rural Develop, Haiti Housing Collaborative, and many more.

    The World Youth Initiative is a fund under The Luce Foundation, which acts as our parent organization to effectively manage donations and assist in public relations.

  • Donate Now

    Purchase World Youth Initiative merchandise at our Online Store. All profits go directly to our beneficiaries.

    Donate Now

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